Tuesday, April 18, 2017

All About Me...

~Meet The Blogger~

Hi, and welcome to my blog. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 41-year young woman, I am the baby of my family. I have 3 sisters and one brother. I live in a small town in Louisiana. I was born with an illness called Myasthenia Gravis and was diagnosed at the age of 2 and a half years old. I also have Hypothyroidism, Asthma, Minor Heart Failure, Graves, and a host of other things going on.

I am not one to stop dreaming and fighting for a better life for myself. As you can tell from my blog  I "love" to write. I have a tendency to express myself about things that plague my mind on a daily basis. From relationships, friendships all the way to love and women's empowerment. Whatever crosses my mind on that day I tend to pull out my phone and start to take notes.

I am on a mission to write a book just not sure what

kind of book. I want to write a book on my life but I don't think my family is ready for my tell-all story because I am that girl who doesn't forget "ANYTHING" and well my parents do. lol So as of right now a tell-all book on my life is not something that they will be able to handle, but God willing it will come out in the end. In the meantime between time, I am working on a fictional book just for pure entertainment purposes.

I am also the proud mother of a now 23-year-old son. He is the apple of my eye. Without him, I have no idea where my life would be at this moment.

I had my son when I was age 18 got pregnant of course at age 17. That was a rough time in my life and having him practically saved my life. I was being bullied at school and ignored at home so he was the blessing I was looking for and at age 17 some may say I had no idea what I was talking about or doing but I knew just as I was doing I set out to get pregnant but not for who I ended up getting pregnant for so I honestly feel like my son was meant to be a part of my world.

My son is a real laid back kind of young man. He minds his own business, goes to work and plays his game (ps4) when he's not hanging with his friends. I love him so... he has no idea what his presence has meant to my life.

And last but not least the last member of my quaint little family. Here is Huggs my mean, bipolar, loveable, adorably cute PomChi which is a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix. At this moment he is exactly 5 years old and will be 6 in August (2019) and in dog years he is 42. So he is getting up in age but according to a chart, I saw for dogs under 20 pounds he can live to be over 100 with good health. The day I lose this fella will be the worst day of my life. I love all dogs....but this one he's my world. He can be a true handful but I can say I wouldn't trade him for the world...
He's Mommies Little Man...

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and take the time to comment on things you see and make some suggestions on things you want to see in the near to far future. I love to write so whatever you would like to see me write about please feel free to comment below...

2019 Update...

I am not the proud grandmother of a GORGEOUS babygirl...

Her name is Sunnie Dream... <3

Love Always,

Ms. Southern Queen

Monday, April 10, 2017


I will never understand the ways of life for some. I have lived my life at my home for many many years. Living the life of a woman who has an auto immune disease is a hard life to live. Try living a life when you have three auto immune diseases...

Auto-Immune Disease: 

a disease resulting from a disordered immune reaction in which antibodies are produced against one's own tissues, as systemic lupus erythematosus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Watching others do things that you only wish you could do. Then to watch others not do things that you are trying to do is a very interesting thing in life.

I sit back and I think of life and I watch certain people I know and some I don't know and it is utterly amazing to me how some just sit around and complain about wanting to work and yet do nothing about it. They have the means and the transportation, they have the education and the ways to get it done but yet nothing is being done from what I can tell. I may give suggestions and the ones I give aren't good enough so I just stop speaking and for that matter stop listening. I have never heard so many excuses about there not being any jobs available when I get emails in my inbox on a daily basis about companies looking for jobs in the areas and fields that some people I know specialize in and yet they have an excuse and/or reason as to why they can't work that job or apply for that job or they will say yea I got that email to and I can't do the hours they are calling for and I am like "OMG" okay well just forget I ever said anything. I mean I understand that there is a shortage in jobs and some people don't have the transportation and/or babysitters or even the know it all to apply for said jobs but at the same time they seem to have no type of motivation to do anything about it. When you try to give them something to go on they give you attitude so its like "why try"...

Some people in this world are so sensitive and it kills me for they come to me with their stories and/or problems and yet when I start to speak on my life as an example they feel like I am putting them down or I am being combative or I am debating them for a choice of words and that is not the case at all its just me saying how I feel about my situation and if I can feel the way I feel then they can feel the same way but I am beginning to see that there are a lot of #negative people around me and I feel that once again another birthday is upon me and its time for me to delete and dismiss some of those "so called friends" that are within my circle and its crazy because my circle is already microscopic small before you know it I will have like 2 people in my circle not including God of course that would make 3.... :)

All of this was stated to say this. Never let anything or anyone stop you from being the best you that you can be. Never let the mistakes you may have made in life decide what path you are going to take in life. You may get knocked down more than you can think or even can fathom, but you have to keep getting up and going forward with life. You can't just stop and let life when....

Don't let mistakes and people of your past control or ruin your future...


~I Am Done~

~I Am Done~

I swear sometimes I think to myself that I would never love again. I have been in so many failed relationships until I am to a point of where I just don't want to be bothered anymore. 

I think of the thought of being in a relationship and I instantly get irritated by the thought of all of the drama that I have went through in my past. One relationship the guy was more in the streets than he was with me. 

A second relationship the guy spent more time on Facebook being a whore than he spent with me and well the last relationship the guy was so emotionally scared he ended up back with his baby momma when I decided that I just couldn't deal anymore. 

Regardless to how much I truly did love the dude and wanted to be his wife I just couldn't deal with whatever he was going through no matter how much I loved him he didn't seem to love himself so I set him free.

I have been brokenhearted so many times until I just don't think being in a relationship or trying to love again is just not truly worth my time anymore.

My heart is numb and my soul is gone on vacation. I am not one to be mean to people I don't cast off life, love, and relationships. I normally take a licking and keep on ticking and well now I just tired...

Tired of the Lies
Tired of the Bullshit
Tired of the fake ass "I Love Yous" 
Tired of hearing "Your the only one for me."
Tired of men sending me songs saying that this is how they feel and me being the dumb duck and believing them...
Just Fucking Tired...

When it is okay to trust again,
When it is okay to allow some back into my space, my heart...

I have lost all hope and trust when it comes to relationships 
I don't mind having friends and having friendly conversation
My heart is behind a barrier and well it is going to stay there until my God tells me different....

I have never felt this feeling before.
I have never felt so alone
So misunderstood
So confused...

When I was younger I was able to love and live and love some more and now its so totally different.
I am more slower at life, 
Learning to take my time when it comes to my heart and the way it is handled.
I have loved far and in between and I have loved hard and have always gotten my heart crushed and destroyed in the end.

I see so many people in love and so many couples getting engaged and getting married and I can't wait until that day comes for me but then again I can wait because right now I really can't stand men... (confusion)
I would love to have someone who I can chill with as friends and share some intimate moments with and go on dates with to the movies and even o church with but anything more serious than that I am good... If God wants there to be more he will let me know but as for now I don't know if its Satan trying to turn me off from love or my heart just being Fed the Fuck Up with the Bullshit that some of the men have came to me with in my past but either way the cut goes....

I am Annoyed
I am Fed Up
I am Tired
I am Broken
I am DONE....

~No More Ms Nice Girl~

~Social Butterfly~