Tuesday, April 18, 2017

All About Me...

~Meet The Blogger~

Hi, and welcome to my blog. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 41-year young woman, I am the baby of my family. I have 3 sisters and one brother. I live in a small town in Louisiana. I was born with an illness called Myasthenia Gravis and was diagnosed at the age of 2 and a half years old. I also have Hypothyroidism, Asthma, Minor Heart Failure, Graves, and a host of other things going on.

I am not one to stop dreaming and fighting for a better life for myself. As you can tell from my blog  I "love" to write. I have a tendency to express myself about things that plague my mind on a daily basis. From relationships, friendships all the way to love and women's empowerment. Whatever crosses my mind on that day I tend to pull out my phone and start to take notes.

I am on a mission to write a book just not sure what

kind of book. I want to write a book on my life but I don't think my family is ready for my tell-all story because I am that girl who doesn't forget "ANYTHING" and well my parents do. lol So as of right now a tell-all book on my life is not something that they will be able to handle, but God willing it will come out in the end. In the meantime between time, I am working on a fictional book just for pure entertainment purposes.

I am also the proud mother of a now 23-year-old son. He is the apple of my eye. Without him, I have no idea where my life would be at this moment.

I had my son when I was age 18 got pregnant of course at age 17. That was a rough time in my life and having him practically saved my life. I was being bullied at school and ignored at home so he was the blessing I was looking for and at age 17 some may say I had no idea what I was talking about or doing but I knew just as I was doing I set out to get pregnant but not for who I ended up getting pregnant for so I honestly feel like my son was meant to be a part of my world.

My son is a real laid back kind of young man. He minds his own business, goes to work and plays his game (ps4) when he's not hanging with his friends. I love him so... he has no idea what his presence has meant to my life.

And last but not least the last member of my quaint little family. Here is Huggs my mean, bipolar, loveable, adorably cute PomChi which is a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix. At this moment he is exactly 5 years old and will be 6 in August (2019) and in dog years he is 42. So he is getting up in age but according to a chart, I saw for dogs under 20 pounds he can live to be over 100 with good health. The day I lose this fella will be the worst day of my life. I love all dogs....but this one he's my world. He can be a true handful but I can say I wouldn't trade him for the world...
He's Mommies Little Man...

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and take the time to comment on things you see and make some suggestions on things you want to see in the near to far future. I love to write so whatever you would like to see me write about please feel free to comment below...

2019 Update...

I am not the proud grandmother of a GORGEOUS babygirl...

Her name is Sunnie Dream... <3

Love Always,

Ms. Southern Queen

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