Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Eating From The Past...

It's time for us as humans to really take a step back and rethink our lives and what we want out of it. Where do we want to end up 5 to 10 years from now and how we want our health to be. We want to look at our grandkids and kids and know that they are looking up to someone and mimicking someone with good health and a great mindset. Being healthy is not a s im n and uts not anything to be ashamed of. Listening to a friend or a doctor tell you that eating burgers fries and fried food isnt good for you. If someone has told you this its not because they are telling you what to do or how to eat it's because they are trying to help you to 


In the African American culture it is tradition to eat pigs feet, porkchops smothered in gravy, mustard greens, or tails, hogmoss(hogmogs), chiterlings or as we call then chit'lings. We are known for throwing down on every holiday, and boil damn near anything in a pot with some crab boil and we will be licking and sucking umour fingers at the end of the day.

All of that is all well and fine but if you do your homework and search back to our ancestors, you'll see that a lot of the food we have became accustom to eating comes from the scraps that we were given as slaves and well our ancestors did what they knew how to make it taste sufficient enough to feed their families.


African American women are found to carry the highest number in obesity and as sad as it seems this us true. For in most households it's the women who are the homemakers (regardless of color). We as women are the ones who clean, cook, and serve their husbands. We are the ones responsible for placing the meals on the table so it should be up to us to change that but because of how we grew up we tend to continue that same way of eating why? Because it is how we were raised, because its said to be disrespectful not to eat when you sit at the table of a black family or a black woman or better yet BIG MOMMA...

Times have changed and so does one body qnd we are getting sick and dying at a faster rate than normal due to lack of education and nutrition. It's time for us to step back and look at what we are putting in our mouth and body. Lay still and listen and feel your body l, pay attention to what it is telling you. Regardless to how good popeyes chicken taste pay attention to how tired and sleepy you feel after you have eaten about 4 pieces with their infamous red beans and rice or glorious mash potatoes because hey the food is good I must add. I mean I cant lie I grew up on it as well. It was my dads favorite thing to eat when he came home from offshore.

I remember a t I'll me when they had all of these challenges trending all over social media and kids were setting themselves on fore, making themselves pass out or trying to have lips like that Jenner girl (dont know the names because I dont take part in the lives of celebrities) but here's a challenge for you...


To take 30, nah scratch that... I DARE YOU to take 14 days out of your life and cut out fried foods, sugars, and foods that are high in fats and prepare each meal as follows...

1 fist size portion of fast carbs
1 fist size portion of protien
1 fist size portion of slow carbs
Drink 4 8oz glasses of water a day
Drink 2 8oz glasses of Lemon water a day
And workout 30 minutes a day with a workout of your choice...

All while taking account of how you feel every morning once you start this.

This is my life. This is what I do, with the exception that I drink protien shakes because I am not a breakfast person so the shakes are to replace the meals that I dont eat so that I will still maintain the protien and energy I need to have energy.

It's time for us as adults to live longer and show the generation that is coming under us that eating all this canned and man made stuff isnt the right way to live or eat.

I never thought that becoming a grandmother would make me look at life the way I do. I started this Arbonne journey because I just mainly wanted to be healthy because I'm tired of taking medication and I want to be here for my son and now seeing him become a father and laying eyes on my granddaughter just makes me want to fight for a better, healthy, and much longer time on this earth. I have another reason to want to live and be healthy and living with all of the issues I have is hard but the thought of not being here to watch my son grow and one day be married to not see my grandmunchkin start kindergarten is even harder.

So if your tired of being tired and you want to start your life over again email me @ or hit me up in my inbox on Facebook


I truly look forward to hearing from you...

SQ 💋🧘🏾‍♀️🤫


  1. I agree with you. Taking care of myself is a priority I do not take lightly. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is excellent advice for all of us! As a southern girl, I know I equate food with fellowship and feeling good, but never really think about what it's going to do to my body 10 years from now.