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♥Orbital Decompression♥


My name is Tysie (Ticy) Cherall and I was diagnosed with Graves Disease also known as Thyroid Eye Disease to some. I was diagnosed with this illness in 2007. I have thyroid issues as well. I developed this when I was pregnant with my son at the age of 18 years young, and of course, it progressed to Graves due to me not taking my medication as I was supposed to. I didn't realize the importance of taking my medication at that point in time in my life. I was scheduled to have surgery (Orbital Decompression) in 2008-09 but I got scared for I made the mistake of "watching" the video of the surgery and I basically chickened out and after some years of dealing with my right eye bulging out of the socket, being dry, tearing all the time and just being annoying I decided to go ahead and have the surgery. I want to go places and have another life besides the one that allows me to "stay inside" so, on December 5th of 2012 @ 5am in the morning I went into the hospital for my surgery. I have to say I can remember that day if it was yesterday viruses seven months ago. I thought I would be terrified when going in but I have I was a lot calmer than I thought I would be. My doctors were wonderful at calming me down even though I had this sort of peace over me. I felt no fear at all not one single ounce of fear or nervousness.

Being rolled down the hall into the surgery room was peaceful, I have to say that I was amazed at how calm I was. After the six hours of being out during surgery, I woke up as if I was taking a nice nap and was ready to go to the rest room like ASAP! The doctors were surprised at how awake I was and how I really had no negative side effects from the anesthesia. I have to admit this journey was a first for when they took me into the room to prep me for surgery I was laughing and the intern's and the anesthesiologist kept me on my toes telling jokes and plus he was "extremely" cute! but very married. Once in the room being transferred from the bed to the operating table, I heard dubstep music in the background which was a "first" for me to hear music in the operating room and I have had my share of surgeries in my life.

I stayed in the hospital over night for monitoring and the next day (December 7th) I went home with several prescriptions of pain pills (Loritab's) and creams for my eye...

Upon being at home for the first day I was so nervous to clean my eye...It scared me to have to touch it and place the creams "inside" my eye and having to clean it off. Granted I couldn't feel anything for that side of my face was numb for almost three months now that I think about it. I don't think I was able to feel my face until around March of 2013 for my surgery was in December of 2012. I had some swelling as you can tell in the photo's above and I had to sleep with that thing on my eye at night to prevent germs and infection while it was healing. I think I slept with that on my face for five months until most of my swelling was gone.

Within a weeks time, I went back to see my doctor, so they could check my swelling and this is how I went..."Pippy Long Stocking style" lol and they gave me more of the creams you see in the other picture. One is for moisture and the white one is Erythromycin, the antibiotic to prevent infection as well. I had to put this on the lower lid of my eye twice a day on the "inside" of the eye and on the right-hand corner where the incision was done. Once again this was a true task for me due to me not being able to feel my eye (the skin) but the eyeball itself was a lot more sensitive than it would be normally, so that was a chore in itself but I got the hang of it.

My ex now which was my boyfriend kind of was there and I have to say I wish he wasn't for I guess from being out for so long I was very agitated and then on top of that my cycle had started. I didn't want him around me. I would try to sleep and he wanted to sleep downstairs as well and with his snoring, I couldn't sleep at all so that caused me more stress for I had to constantly wake him up and make him get off of his back. By the third night, I had to explain to him there is no need for you to sleep under me on the couch there is an entire queen size bed upstairs that is empty calling your name, go get in it...

I say this because after surgery you stand a chance to be very irritated and you will get annoyed very easily so make sure you explain to family prior to going into surgery that you don't want to be  crowded or you don't want anyone wanting to see your eye or watch you clean it for, for me I didn't want anyone around me. My son knew to stay his distance but my ex was and still is a big baby and he just has or should I say "had" to be hanging on my coat tale which is so refreshing now cause I am "single"

 Moving forward to about a month after my surgery. I saw my doctor a week after and then after that two weeks went by and I went to see him again and this is what my eye looked like. Come to find out I had developed a slight infection in my eye for some reason and it was just as hard as it looks and it was warm to the touch and more dry than normal. So once there and they uncovered my eye I didn't even have to tell them how it felt they automatically knew and the doctor that was there to assist my doctor in the surgery he took a picture of my eye and sent it to my doctor and once again I was prescribed more 50mg of steroids and more cream to put in my eye. I had to take the steroids for almost two weeks and due to that, I gained a lot of weight which wasn't fun.

After about a week of taking the steroids and using the cream, the swelling went down a lot and my eye started to feel normal. It softens up a lot and I was actually able to close it completely for the first time ever in SIX years of me dealing with this illness...

I still had swelling of course and I was still sleeping with the mask

on but I would take it off at times when I was indoors. To prevent it from drying out I would turn my air conditioner off and open my house up just to have a slight breeze coming in. It was good, here   Louisiana around December/January it's not that hot. I had to sleep sitting in a recliner which wasn't that bad. I borrowed my friend's chair which was an oversize chair and it was extremely comfortable. I think I slept in the chair from December 7th when I got home all the way to around April. I was from the chair to the sofa until I was comfortable. The doctor's say that your only supposed to sleep in the chair for "FOUR" weeks but I don't agree with that, due to the fact that everyone's body is different. I tried to sleep on my couch and i was propped up and when I woke up I had slid down and my eye was back to being swollen, it was swollen shut! So back to my chair I went and I continued to sleep there until all of my swellings was gone...

 After about two months I went into see my doctor and I couldn't really tell a difference in the beginning and I have to say that I was getting extremely aggravated with the entire process.

 But what you have to realize is that this surgery is a slow process. I have talked to a lot of women that have made it very clear that the process of this surgery takes at least six months to see a real difference and a year to really appreciate the change in your eye(s) if the surgery is performed properly. And I have to say that I am thrilled with my results and I have had my surgery now for seven months.

Moving on to more months of this journey it is kind of hard to spend time in the house when you can't go anywhere and there is nothing for you to do for your homework is done and your 17-year-old son spends most of his time in his room playing his ps3 with online friends... I have to admit the following pictures shows you exactly how bored I became and how much I was falling in love with my eyes all over again...

Yes, it was a Saturday night, there was nothing on television, I had me a glass of wine I felt good and I was loving myself that night so I decided to take me some seriously crazy pictures... I have a few more but I refuse to show them on my blog. If you look at the picture above of me with my pig-tails and check out the previous picture of me with the pig-tails in black and white you can tell that I put on an enormous amount of weight from taking steroids and not being able to work out or go anywhere...which was beyond annoying! but very understandable being that I don't have a car walking around where I live could have caused me to have a serious infection with all the germs that are in the air it wouldn't have taken much for something to get caught up in my eye form the wind and cause me more issues than I truly wanted to deal with...

I have to say through out this entire journey I had no pain. I have to admit that my eye was a tad bit sore by the incision area on the outer side of the right eye but that was about it. I still had some scratchiness for I couldn't put anything directly on my eye, but at this point in the pictures above, I started to tape the right eye closed after using eye drops. (Refresh Tears)

I really can't say anything bad about my journey for it wasn't bad at all. I have to say for as scared as I was about having this surgery I was truly scared over nothing. I went through this journey for six years and I have had my surgery and a lot of things have changed in my life. Its funny how before I had my surgery I got all kinds of attention from men, women, children looking at me I guess doing their best trying to figure out what was wrong with my eyes and now that I have had my surgery I don't get that attention anymore and I have to admit it is kind of weird but that is something I have to work on within myself...Some never even noticed that anything was wrong with my eyes but I find that hard to believe... I have to say to all of you ladies and gents who have thought of are or getting ready to go through this surgery give your worries to God for it is not at all as bad as it may seem or as you may think it is. Now I have to say that everyone's body will react to this surgery differently but this is just my personal journey and how I felt and what I went through...

I have another surgery to endure with this same eye sometimes towards the end of this year and I truly can't wait to have it get rid of the bag under the right eye and have my lashes flipped back out...but for the bag under the left eye I have to pay to have that removed due to the hospital staying that it is cosmetic and it will cost me about $2500, to @3000. which is truly not a big deal to me because it is something that I want to have to feel better about myself...below are a few more pictures of my journey and how I look now...I hope you enjoyed this rewrite of my journey and if you want to know more feel free to email me "" or you can find me on Facebook as well:

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Wow!!! It has been 11 months on today since I have had my Orbital Decompression surgery and I have to say that I am loving my eyes more and more as time goes by. Granted there are a few things that I would love to have changed to complete my surgery, but it all goes according to what God sees for me and what my doctor tells me is the next step. I have to go into see my doctor on December 4th this year to see about getting something called a spacer in my lower lids to help push the lower lids up to help my eyes close completely for they still have at least an inch and a half of open space that is still causing extreme dryness with them and for the right lower eyelid my lashes are rubbing on the eyeball which is not good and they want to fix that as well.

 I have to say that since I have had this surgery I have been very happy and pleased with the results and the responses that I get from other people. I intend to become more of an advocate for Graves or Thyroid Eye Disease as others know it to be. I want to make it known that this surgery is not as horrific as some may think it is, however, every doctor does the surgery different from being in the states all the way to being in the UK its all different as for Graves affects every one of us differently...but as long as you have faith in God or in yourself everything will be fine and you won't regret it! 

~Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions Before Surgery About the Surgery and About the Doctor and his experience doing this surgery as well...~

My doctor told me to never watch the video's online for it can scare you and I have to say I watched them before he said this and it did scare the living crap out of me and it took me two years to reschedule my surgery but in the end I had it done and I am beyond happy for this...

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Update 2019

Loving My Eyes!!

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My Graves Disease Photo Journey 

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