Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sleep Study Experience...

Mannn! Good Merning Ya'll...

When I tell yall this freaking sleep apnea sleep study was the worse experience of my life! I could have did this shit at home and came out better.

So, I was schedule to be there at the hospital for 7:30pm Satursay night. They requested me to be there like 15minutes earlier. I got there at 7pm due to my mom having to go to work. So I sat around for about 10 to 25 minutes before they came got me.

Went upstairs to the 4th floor and went to the 1st room they had assigned to me which was okay, small but doable. Then I put into another room across the hall because someone canceled, didnt quite understand that because it was only be didnt really need a bigger room

(Might I add it smelled in this entire hospital)

Okay so I had to fill out some paperwork and things of that sort and then they started hooking me up to all the necessary probs and wires. Here is when I start to get annoyed. They put them on my face, forehead,legs, back(shoulders), scalp and neck. I had these straps around my chest and stomach. Also had a pulsoc on my middle finger. Got in bed and tried to rest. I couldn't move, the bed was hard, pillows were soft as cotton (I had 4 and was still flat as heck).

Every move I made they came running in the room. Because they had the wires soooooooo fucking tangled that every time I moved I pulled or tugged at something which caused the probes to not give a good signal. The probes that was in my  hair (which I didnt like) kept coming loose. Then they kept making comments like *Wow* or whispering behind my head and then the woman would say *Yeah I know I know but sometimes proper instructions arent given* it took everything in me not to turn around and ask them *Is there a problem?* but I held my tongue and said nothing. I just wanted to go to sleep and get this over with.

 This was the most uncomfortable situation I have ever been in. I'm praying that they were able to get whatever information they needed because this is something I can NOT again not st this particular place.
I felt as if I only got maybe 3 hours of sleep. There was a female and Male nurse I think between the both of them they cane in the room about 8 to 10 times. Except maybe once or twice when I called them to allow me to go to the bathroom.

I had this sleep study done over 11 years ago at the same hospital and it was nothing like this, nothing like this at all...

This experience was a very annoying and frustrating but I know I had to get it done. Sometimes we have to bite the bullet and do what us necessary to get things done for the betterment of your health and I am praying that they were able to get what they needed because I dont want to do this again unless I do it st my damn house in the city where I live... Below are a few pictures of me once I was hooked up and how the wires looked...


 The first picture is of my leg, they had 2 probes on both legs near my muscles to monitor leg movement. Then the next picture is of the straps they had on me for whatever reason cause all they did was get shit all tangled up and cause me not to be able to sleep properly. Finally is the bottom picture is when I was getting up to go to the bathroom or when they were done and I was getting in bed. And that's just a small view because it was truly worse than that. They were tangled up all in my braids. Then they had the ekg probes in my hair and that left this petroleum jelly shit in my hair which I am not pleased with! But I'll be washing my hair soon I was able to wipe it out with a warm towel.

♡No matter the situation or how bad you may not want to do something always and I do mean ALWAYS put your health first and take God with you on the journey...♡


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